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13/11/18 All Affiliation posters modified to conform with the 2018 Data Protection rules?
15/10/2018 Information for the 2018 AGM at Bitton as of this date
18/09/2018 Proposed 2019 branch program towers for towers to approve.
16/09/2018 Gloucester Cathedral
19/08/2018 Dyrham practice and cream tea a couple of pictures
25/06/2018 BBQ pictures available
10/06/2018 Early details of the Joint meeting with Wotton Branch 21st July.
22/05/2018 Information about the Branch Practice and BBQ  June 23rd
08/04/2018 Picture of Ringing Master's clapper on the Frampton page(a bit late?)
19/03/2018 The 2018 Striking Competition results article and pictures.
08/02/2018 Branch Striking Competition Poster and information
08/02/2018 Mayday poster pdf
04/01/2018 New Page, Striking Competition judges over the years 1017 - 1999 may be able to go back further!
03/01/2018 Poster for the Branch Quiz Night 10th February Iron Acton Village Hall

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