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Practice Nights page Three
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Frampton Cotterell Frenchay
   Frampton Cotterell     Frenchay



19.30  - 21.00 Tuesdays

Other details:-
Dedication:-   St PeterSt Mary      
No of Bells   6(14) Bell Information  
Ringing Times     10.00
Map No 172           Mapref ST668820


19.30 - 21.00 Monday (Not second)

Other details:-
Dedication:-   St John the Baptist   
No of Bells   6(4)  Bell Information  
Ringing Times  10.05-10.15 10.30-10.43
                            Term Times Other
                            10.15 - 1040
                            Evenings 17.30
Map No 172            Mapref ST639775

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Iron Acton Mangotsfield
   Iron Acton stjamesmangotsfield2.jpg (14736 bytes)


By Arrangement

Other details:-
Dedication:-   St James the Less    
No of Bells   6(13) Bell Information   
Ringing Times        By Arrangement    
Map No 172           Mapref ST681835

19.30 - 21.00 Wednesdays

Other details:-
Dedication:-   St James     
No of Bells   8(7)  Bell Information  
Ringing Times       All.   10.00
                                1.     17.30
Map No  172          Mapref ST665762
For more information on Mangotsfield tower you might like to go to Mangotsfield Tower web site at Mangotsfield Church



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