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Towers where the  CCTV cameras have been installed.
The information for future towers is also on the branch web calendar


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Please Note:
I record on the Branch Calendar where the cameras are booked for future dates. (if I am told)
I do not record where the cameras and the installation components and box are when not in use!

Towers Currently Booked for 2017

10th June Mangotsfield
15th July Frenchay
28th August Kelston Village Fete
1/2nd September Bitton
10/11th September Winterbourne
23rd  September Corston Out of Branch

Towers where the camera's have been installed information, the most recent Towers first.

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Frenchay Again
The camera have bee used on two further occasions at Frenchay on the 13th July when the Frenchay Brownies were introduced to ringing and on July 16th at the Frenchay Flower Show. (see Frenchay in the drop down list)

Pucklechurch for their church celebration of the Queen’s 90th birthday on Sunday the 12th June. The bells and the ringing chamber had camera's installed and were displayed in the church with a projector screen and television. Angela Robb said several people showed interest to return and have a trial ring later? The cables were conveniently fed down the old clock weights route to the base of the tower and then fed out into the church to the DVR.
A 100ft and 3 X 50ft cables  were used.





Alan Coombs installed the cameras during the week previous to the Mangotsfield revels, they were installed for the first time using the churches own projector and screen in addition to the usual television screen for the Saturday June the 11th event.  Alan reports there was significant interest by all who viewed the bells and the ringing chamber. The camera's were installed in the bells and the ringing chamber. The route for the camera cables was through a rope hole in the ringing chamber floor to the church porch then  through the main door to the console at the rear.  4 X 50ft cables were used.




Compton Dando (Bath Branch)
Cameras installed on Saturday the 2nd of April by Alan and Tony. Two Cameras in place, Zoom camera required just one cable to the display box and the fixed a short length of a second cable. Removed after the service and BBQ on there 3rd of April.







Frampton Cotterell
Cameras have been installed on two separate occasions in 2016. The first time we used the two fixed focal
focal length camera and the second time we also used two cameras but on was the zoom camera. In each case we needed to use two cables for each camera. on the second installation we also installed a fixed focal length camera in the ringing chamber, one cable was required.






Frenchay January 30th 2016 Open Afternoon.
Two camera's installed at  Frenchay one in bells, one in the ringing chamber which gave some of the younger members some interest These were installed on the 30th January 2016 for an open afternoon, only one cable from each camera required to reach the display unit. This was the afternoon when the branch chairman suggested we should have a zoom camera which was purchase shortly  afterwards.






Westerleigh AGM 2015
The two cameras we had were installed at Westerleigh for the 2015 AGM to show the members of the branch who attended the system. The camera's were installed in the bells and required two cables per camera to reach the display unit.







Wapley Agincourt Celebrations
Wapley was the first outing for the CCTV system and was a learning curve, Both camera's were installed and one camera was sufficiently near to use one cable and the additional camera with routing the cable around the bell frame two. The system roused a lot of interest amongst the people who attended the celebrations.





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