Bristol Rural Branch
                                     Striking Competition Abson June 23rd 2001
Well once again the day dawned fair and stayed with us all day for a lovely summer afternoon at Abson for this years striking competition. This year there were five towers entered, two down on last year, and seven teams Thornbury entered two Black and Blue plus a scratch team.The competition commenced at 16.30 with Bitton Frampton and Coalpit Heath in the first draw followed by Westerleigh, Thornbury Blue and Thornbury black in the second draw at 17.30, followed by the scratch team Whilst this ringing was continuing the non ringers and visitors were enjoying the sunshine the friendly conversation with people they rarely meet except at a Branch event, and of course whilst this was happening the tea was being made by the pot full along with the superb spread laid out by the Abson Ladies which had been provided by all the towers and members who attended who came along.
Once again think  it can be said that those who did not put in a team or did not come along for the ringing the tea,  meeting friends or any other reason missed a superb afternoon.
Our Judge for the afternoon was Phil Weekes from over the bridge who gave a summary of the ringing from each tower and pronounced that Thornbury Black were the winners closely followed by Thornbury Blue.
Our congratulations go to Both Thornbury teams especially to Thornbury Black who will go forward to the Association Striking competition on the day of Association AGM in 2002 in Bristol.
Following are pictures I took on the day, but unfortunately I had problems with the camera flash and have had to lighten some of them digitally which you will see is not ideal.
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Finally the Captain of the winning Thornbury Black team Robin Ship receives the branch trophy from Phil Weekes, and the
successful Thornbury Team

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