Bristol Rural Branch
Mayday 2003

                                                                                                          The Vale of Pewsey

With the sun shining brightly on the Vale of Pewsey, I arrived at Bishops Cannings to the sound of Grandsire Triples ringing
out over the gathering in the car park. Wonderful sounding bells, which as Eric Sutton with his local knowledge suggested,
would make a good beginning to the rest of the tour.
Coffee and biscuits as we left, set the well-organised feel to the day.
Next All Cannings, where a busy schedule ensured a ring for every one that climbed the tower, a very pleasant village 6.
Then to Urchfont! Well what can you say; I didn’t see any crows did you? The village was jammed with people, cars, marching piper
bands, scarecrows, and to top it all visiting ringers. The ground floor ring meant good viewing to the interested public,
and long, stretchy, ropes ensured plenty of entertainment for all!
Next lunch in West Lavington, where the spacious seating meant that everyone could sit with whom they chose.
Pity about the great coffee cup hijack that meant no caffeine for those that needed it, and no "puds" either.
With a leisurely lunch over we headed to Potterne, where a vast beamed ringing chamber, held all of us easily. The six bells went well and we
rang Rounds, Call changes, Doubles, and Minor. We rang all those, we didn’t finish any!!!!!!!!
The Fourth was an absolute education to those who rang it, and those who watched in amazement as it regularly slipped wheel and then righted itself.
As far as I can remember, it only behaved itself when it felt the no nonsense grip of the Belfry Advisor.
Next to Edington Priory, where a few paces across the leads took you to the ringing chamber of the central tower.
Here we rang triples and caters, and rounds to give everyone a chance to ring ten bells. These had obviously had
some work done on sound deadening and acoustics, because they were not as deafening as previously advertised.
A good fall on the ten rounded off an excellent day.
Afternoon tea as we returned to the body of the church absolutely hit the spot.
Thanks to everyone who was there on the day, and whatever part you played.
Fran Johnson Branch Ringing Master.
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