FarCited Ringers
                                                             Towers visited over the years as they become available


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Year Date  Tower Dedication Bells&Wt GF/T Postcode  Mapref  Map
2016 September 1st
Llanfrechfa  All Saints  8(5.2.27)  GF  NP18 1HU 321396
Llantarnam  St Michael and All Angels  6(4.2.14)    NP44 3BP 306931
Bassaleg  St Basil 8 (14.1.7)    NP108LD 277871
4th August
Compton Martin  St Michael 6(15.1.23)     BS40 6JQ 544569
Ubley  StBartholomew 6(12cwt)         GF   BS40 6P 529583
Nempnet Thrubwell  BVM 6(9cwt)            BS40 8YH 532604
June 2nd
Hartpury  St Mary the V 6(14.1/4cwt)       GL19 3DE 781237
Corse  St Margaret 6 (12cwt)         GF  GL193BX 789264 163
Newent  St Mary 8(16.1/4cwt)             GL18 1AA 723260
April 7th
Woodchester  St Mary   6(10 cwt)  (T)        GL5 5PD 840027
Minchinhampton  Holy Trinity 6(12 cwt)   (T)        GL6 9BP 872008
Cherington  St. Nicholas 5(6.1/2.cwt)     GF  GL8 8SN 903986
March 3rd
Bourton on the Hill  St Lawrence  6(11cwt)  GL56 9AH 175325
Ebrington  St Eadburgha  6(12 cwt)    GL55 6NH 183400
Saintbury  St Nicholas  8(cwt.12 cwt)     WR12 7PX 118394
Willersey  St Peter  6(12cwt)    WR12 7PN 107397
February 4th
Stanton Drew  St Mary  5(13cwt)  BS39 4EW 597631
Hinton Blewett  St Margaret  5(9cwt)  BS39 5AN 594569
Chew Stoke  St Andrew  6(10cwt)  GF   BS40 8TU 556619
January 7th
Langley Burrell  St Peter  6(10cwt)  SN15 5LX 928758
Kington St  Michael  St Michael  6(12cwt)  SN14 6JA 904772
2015 December 3rd
Radstock  St Nicholas  6(11cwt)  BA3 3QG 688546
Christmas Lunch at The Centurion Hotel Charlton Lane Midsomer   Norton BA34BD
Stowey  St Nicholas and BVM  6(6 cwt)  GF  BS39 5TQ 599594
Clutton  St. Augustine of Hippo  6(10cwt)  (T)  BS39 5SH 622589
November 5th
Toddington  St. Andrew  6()   GL54 5DJ 35331
Stanway  St. Peter 5 GL54 5PQ 61324
Didbrook  St. George  5(6 cwt)   GL54 5PF 55314
October 1st
Barton St. David  St.David 6(9cwt)  (GF)(T)  TA11 6BS  ST539317
Charlton Mackrell BVM  6(10cwt)  TA11 7AL< ST528283
Babcary  Holy Cross  6(12cwt)  (T)  TA11 7DT  ST561287
Ansford  St. Andrew  6(5.1/4 cwt)  (GF)(T)  BA7 7LD  ST638329
September 3rd
Cromhall  St. Andrew  6(12cwt)    GL12 8AW  ST692905
August 6th
Great Somerford  SS Peter & Paul  6(8cwt)    SN15 5JB  ST 964831
Charlton  St. John the Bapt  6(12cwt)    SN16 9DF  ST959889
July 2nd
Wickwar  Holy Trinity  6(12cwt)    GL12 8LE   SO724889
June 4th
Littledean  St. Ethelbert  8(10 cwt)    GL14 3NL  SO 672136
English Bicknor  St. Mary the V  6(.7cwt)    GL16 7PG  SO 582158  
Ruardean  St. John the Bapt  8(14.3/4 cwt)    GL17 9US  SO621177  
Blaisdon  St Michael  6(7.1/2cwt)    GL 17 OAG  SO703172  
Minsterworth  St. Peter  6(11.1/4 cwt)    GL2 8JJ  SO773170  
May 7th
Dyrham St.Peter  6(13cwt)    SN14 8EU  ST741759  
April 9th
Abbey Dore .St. Mary  8(.0.21)     387304
Eywas Harold   6(6.2.12)  GF 387281
Lunch the Bridge Inn Kentchurch
St.Weonards  St.Weonard  6(10.0.24)  (T) 496243 161
March 5th
Bitton  St. Mary  8(14.1.14)  BS30 6LJ    
February 5th
Haresfield  St. Peter  6(11/2cwt)  GL10 3EQ
Lunch. The Beacon Hotel Inn Haresfield  GL10 3DX
Standish  St.Nicholas  6(21/4)  GL10 3EU
December 4th
W.S.M.  St. John the Bapt .8(11.0.8) (T)  BS23 2AE
Lunch. Weston-Super-Mare. Catering College. The Grove Restuarant
Hutton BVM  6(10.0.22)  GF. (T)  BS24 9SN
Wick  St. Lawrence  6(15cwt)   GF (T) BS227YP
November 4th
Dundry St.Michael 6(14.2.23)  BS41 8LE
September 4th
Horningsham  St.John the Bapt  6(16 cwt)  ST.820414 183
Maiden Bradley  All Saints  6(13 cwt)  ST.803386 183
Lunch .12 noon-2pm. Somerset Arms. Maiden Bradley.
Longbridge Deverill  SS Peter & Paul  8(12 cwt)  ST866413 183
Sutton Veny  St.John the Evan  6(8 cwt)  ST902417 184
August 5th
Whitminster  St.Andrew  6(11 cwt) GF    SO.760091 162
Lunch  The Whitminster Inn. Whitminster.
 Morton Valence  St.Stephen  6(11 cwt) SO.780097 162
July 3rd
Warmley  St.Barnabas  8(15 cwt)   SO674732 172
June 5th
Dingestow  St.Dinigat & St.Mary 6(8 cwt) GF  SO.457104 161
Llantilio Crossney  St.Teilo  8(4 cwt)  SO.390189 161
Grosmont  St.Nicholas  6(7 cwt)  SO404243 161
Lunch. Angel Grosmont. 
Skenfrith  St.Bridget  6(7 cwt) SO455203 161
Monmouth  St. Mary the V  8(16cwt SO508129 162
Morning Coffee Monmouth  Coffee1 upstairs plenty of room for us all.
May 1st
Frenchay  St.John the Bapt 6(4cwt) (T)  ST639775
Haselbury Plucknett  6(6cwt)  GF TA18 7RE  ST471109
Hardington Mandeville  8(8cwt) . GF BA22 9PQ  ST512119
The Manor Hotel Yeovil post code BA20 1TG - telephone 01935 423116
Yeovilton  6(13cwt) BA22 8EX  ST547229
December 3rd
Christmas Lunch The Queen's Hotel  Selbourne
June 5th
Bromsberrow  St Mary  6(7)  GF  SO743337
Eastnor  St John the Baptist  6(9) GF  SO731372
Coddington  All Saints  6(12)  SO718427
Colwall  St James  10(10)  SO7739423
July 3rd
Clevedon Day Out Walk and Ring
9.15am Coffee Old Inn  East Clevedon near All Saints Church.
10.00am – 10.45am
Clevedon East  All Saints  5(11.3.22)  GR  ST 417 718
11.00am – 11.45am
Clevedon  Walton St Mary  6(7 CWT)  GR  409 726
12.00pm Lunch at The Salthouse – extreme far end of Esplanade to the Pier.
2.00pm – 2.45pm
Clevedon  St Andrew  8(14cwt)  GR  393 798
3.00pm – 3.45pm
 Clevedon  St John The Evangelist  6(6CWT)  GR  406 712
Ringing and cup of tea.
December 6th
Malvern Christmas Lunch
1st November
Dundry  6(14cwt)  GR558669
4th October
Bath and Bradford on Avon Area
6th September
Coach Outing to North Devon
August 2nd
Stone  6(15cwt)  ST634875
Alveston  6(5cwt)  ST684955
July 5th
Avebury  6(17cwt)  SU100700
Yatesbury  5(9cwt)  SU063715
7th June
Owen Barraclough’s day out to the Forest of Dean
May 3rd
Kington St Michael  6(12cwt)  ST904772
Chippenham  St Paul’s  8(13cwt)  ST919740
March 1st
14.30 -15.30
Shipham  6(6cwt)  GR443574
Lunch Penscott Inn Shipham
Rowberrow 6(7cwt)  (GF)  GR449586  
February 1st
January 4th
14.30 -15.30
December 7th
Christmas Lunch at the Swan Hotel Wells