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Quiz Night 2019
Click for Poster to see an article, see the March 2019 Newsletter click
One picture on Quiz night, (Permission given)

Quiz night 2018
For an article see the March 2018 Newsletter Click

Quiz Night 2017 A few pictures from the 2017 Quiz night which was extremely well supported, for an article see the March 2017 Newsletter click

Quiz_Night_2016 I was remiss I only took one picture befor the quiz night started, in fact i fogot to do it!

The only picture was of the hall ready for the quiz night to start with two of the helpers who set the hall up ready for the influx of exactly 80 people this year, for an article see the March 2016 Newsletter Click







Quiz Night 14th February 2015 (Valentines Day) I am afraid I took the pictures just as supper had been served.
This year the menu was crusty rolls and butter, cottage pie and vegetables, vegetarian pie was available, followed by
sweets, all provided by the quizzers, if that is a word?
Quiz Masters Winterbourne.

Afraid no pictures taken in 2014, my mistake!

Quiz Night 16th February 2013 Iron Acton Village Hall

Quiz Masters Winterbourne

Quiz Night 18th February 2012 Iron Acton Parish Hall
Quiz Masters
Pictures of the 2012 Quiz Night at in Iron Acton Parish Hall
You can see an article in the March 2012 Branch Newsletter

Quiz Night 2011 Click
Quiz Night 12th February 2011 Westerleigh  Village Hall
Quiz Masters Filton Gabi Stedman-Braun and Bruce Stedman  

Quiz_Night_2010 Click 

 Quiz Night 13th February 2010 Syston Village Hall
                                                                                Quiz Masters Tim and Clare Jeffris

Quiz Nights 2002 click

Quiz Night 2002 Downend Assembly Rooms
                                                                              Quiz Masters Almondsbury
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Quiz Night 2001 click

Annual Quiz Night April 7th Downed 2001

Once again the annual quiz night was held in the hall at Downend where a very pleasant evening was had by all with Frampton Cotterell the hosts this year. For a full article see the
May Newsletter which is probably by now in the archive.
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