Bristol Rural Branch
                                     Stedman Doubles Training Afternoon Abson 12th May 2001

On a lovely summer afternoon the third Rural Branch training afternoon was convened on the green outside Abson church, under the eye of the Branch Ringing Master and Deputy Ringing Master  Martin and Paul.

After all the trainees had rung several plain courses, and the group had all had tea and biscuits it was time to ring some simple touches  to consolidate the afternoons learning.  A final cup of tea and it was time to go home, but we must not forget to thank all the helpers for their patience and giving their time to enhance the knowledge of the trainees, especially the ringing master for organising the afternoon.

Below are a few pictures of the helpers and learners, sorry about the group picture of the trainers it is not very good, neither does it include Paul or Henry as they left early.
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Sorry about the last picture of the helpers.

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