Rural Branch Striking Competition Winners and Rules

The Rural Branch Striking competition Trophy
with its new base completed by Brian Angell in 2018
to make space for future winning bell shapes.

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The trophy is competed for by rural branch towers which enter in the yearly competition. The trophy was made and presented to the branch by Brian Angell in 1976, although it appears the competition was started in 1968. It is the tradition that the winner of the competition goes forward to the association Croome trophy. To date although rural branch have entered every year we have never won the Croome trophy (The figure in brackets after the year is the position the tower came in the Croome trophy)

We now have a supply of engravable bellshapes, it has become it seems quite difficult to obtain the bell shape although a number of different patterns have been made or obtained over the years!
The branch have had 100 made and will supply the bell shape to the winning team each year who may then get it engraved, if you go to Timpson's and use font ******* which will in future be the standard font for the trophy it will cost you £5.00 for the engraving.

  Winner for Year 2020, competition at Abbots Leigh Bristol
To go to pictures for the year Click or click the year in the table.  Coalpit Heath
Almondsbury 1984(7th) 1986(2nd) 2008(9)
Coalpit Heath  1971(4th) 1973(4th) 1974(2nd) 1975(6th)  1980(9th) 1982(12th) 1983(4th) 1985(3rd) 1991* 1993(8th) 2006(6) 2011() 2014(5) 2019() 2020() *Joint with Dyrham 1991
Dyrham *1991 2018(10)  
Filton 1990(11th)
Frampton Cotterell 1978(6th) 1979(4th) 1981(3rd)  1983() 1988(7th) 1991(5th) 1992(10th) 1994(6th) 1995(7th) 1998(*) 2012() 2017(8)(represented Westerleigh) * Joint first with Westerleigh, who rang in the Croome trophy
Mangotsfield 2016 (9th) picture  
Syston 1997(8th)
Thornbury 1968(5th)  1969(8th) 1970(5th) 1972(9th) 1977(10th) 1987(5th) 1989(3rd) 1999(7th)
2001 2009(8)
Tytherington 2015 (9)RMC Ringing Masters Clapper
Warmley 1976(5th)
Westerleigh 1996() 1998(8th)  2000()  2002() 2003() 2004() 2005(8) 2007(7) 2010(9) 2013(8) 2017

Over the Years we have had problems obtaining the bell shapes for the trophy, the branch have npw obtained 100 of the bell shapes
courtesy of John Peyton, to whom we are indebted. In future the branch will provide the bell and the winning tower will be responsible
for getting it ingraved and attaching it to the trophy!.


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